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Buyback Information

Buyback Information

Retail Buyback

Retail buyback is available during finals week in May and December. You may receive up to 50% back on your book if the faculty member has ordered the book again at the time of our buyback. Faculty members are asked to turn in their book orders by May 1 for fall semester classes, and December 1 for spring semester classes. Timely book orders are the most important factor affecting what you get back for you book. Timely book orders also allow us to source more used books over a longer period of time in the used book market, which increases the number of used books available to future students.

Wholesale Buyback

Wholesale buyback is available everyday the bookstore is open. We buy and sell books to used book wholesalers throughout the year. A wholesale value is 30% or less of the retail value of the book. We sell a book to our wholesalers when we believe it will not be used again in the next six months. Books are revised often, and it is too risky and costly for the Bookstore to hold onto a book without a confirmed order. We may offer you a wholesale value for your book if we are overstocked, even if we have an order for the book.

No Value

Not all books have a wholesale value. Some books cannot be bought back until we have an order for the book from faculty member. A book may not have a wholesale value if a new edition is coming out soon. It may not have a wholesale value if there is more supply than demand for the book in the wholesale market. Sometimes a book does not have enough national demand to have a wholesale value. Your book will not have value if pages are missing, or the condition is too poor for us to buy it. Workbooks that are filled-in cannot be bought back.