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Skubikowski- Social Justice Education
Social Justice Education- Paperback
This book addresses the combination of pedagogical, curricular, and institutional commitments necessary to create and sustain diversity on campus. Its premise is that the socially just classroom flourishes in the context of a socially just institution, and it invites faculty and administrators to create such classrooms and institutions.
Published July 2010.

Price: $27.50
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Stanger-One Nation Under Contract
Allison Stanger has powerful, research-driven answers to some of our government outsourcing issues.
Price: $26.00
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Stauch- Effective/Fund Raising
Effective Frontline Fund Raising- Paperback
Effective Frontline Fundraising provides the information you'll need to set up and manage an effective development team capable of consistently raising gifts, both large and small.
Published December 7, 2011.

Price: $24.99
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Stoll- El Norte or Bust!
How migration fever and microcredit produced a financial crash in a Latin American town.
Published December 2012.

Price: $31.30
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Stroup-Borders among Activists
Borders Among Activists-Hardcover
In Borders among Activists, Sarah S. Stroup challenges the notion that political activism has gone beyond borders and created a global or transnational civil society. Instead, at the most globally active, purportedly cosmopolitan groups in the world—international nongovernmental organizations (INGOs)—organizational practices are deeply tied to national environments, creating great diversity in the way these groups organize themselves, engage in advocacy, and deliver services.
Published April 2012.

Price: $39.95
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