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Abbott- Understanding Analysis
Understanding Analysis- Hardcover
Steve Abbott helps students focus on the questioning in analysis which "gives...(it) its inherent fascination".
Published 2001, updated 2002.

Price: $49.95
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ALVAREZ- How Tia Lola Saved Summer
How Tia Lola Saved the Summer- Hardcover
The warm and funny third book in the Tía Lola Stories is sure to delight young readers and leave them looking forward to their own summer fun!B,r> Published May 2011.

Price: $15.99
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ALVAREZ-A Wedding in Haiti
A Wedding in Haiti- Hardcover
A very personal story about her relationships including one with a young Haitian boy named Piti. A teenager when Julia and her husband, Bill, first met him in 2001, Piti crossed the border into the Dominican Republic to find work. Julia, impressed by his courage, charmed by his smile, has over the years come to think of him as a son, even promising to be at his wedding someday. When Piti calls in 2009, Julia’s promise is tested.
Published April 24, 2012.

Price: $22.95
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ALVAREZ-How Tia Lola Learned/Teach
How Tia Lola Learned to Teach - Hardcover
Told with abundant humor and heart, Julia Alvarez's new Tia Lola story is the long-awaited sequel to How Tia Lola Came to Visit/Stay.
Published October 2010.

Price: $15.99
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ALVAREZ-In the Name of Salome
A powerful story that examines the special bond between mothers and daughters as it brings to life the story of Salome Urena, a memorable patriotic Dominican Republic Poet.
Price: $14.00
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ALVAREZ-Something to Declare
Julia Alvarez brings together 24 essays of rich and vivid recollections of her childhood and early adult years. They encompass her beginnings as a writer, the progress and her identity as a writer.
Published 1999.

Price: $15.00
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This is a story within a story of life's lessons and a search for identity. It is a humorous and creative tale of family life and the do's and don'ts of a novelist.
Price: $16.95
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ANDRES- Buildings of VT
Price: $85.00
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ANDRES-Art of Florence
Art of Florence- Hardcover 2 Volume Set
A rich historical documentation enhanced with 1,555 full color illustrations.
Published 2000.

Price: $101.25
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ARMANIOS- Coptic Christianity
Coptic Christianity in Ottoman Egypt- Hardcover
In this book, Febe Armanios explores Coptic religious life in Ottoman Egypt (1517-1798), focusing closely on manuscripts housed in Coptic archives.
Published February 2011.

Price: $74.00
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