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DICKERSON- the Road and the Torc:
DICKERSON- the Road and the Torc:

The Song of Kristinge, Son of Finn Paperback
A young monk (Kristinge) at a monastery in southeastern France, discovers he is the son of a famous Frisian hero and king who died in battle six years earlier, he leaves the monastic life and sets out in search of his identity. However, what begins as a quest to uncover his heritage and find whether his mother still lives becomes a sort of spiritual journey of discovery at many other levels. Kristinge wrestles with the question: who is he, and who should he become? Is he the monk he has spent the past six years training to be? Or the gifted bard that was trained as a youth to compose songs, sing, and play the harp? Or is the future king that will unite Friesland...
Published February 2014

Item: 2006877
Price: $11.43


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